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    Our exclusive range of DuraGal coatings provide light, durable corrosion protection and are easy and safe to work with.

    Austube Mills' range of lightly oiled products are a lightly oiled coating to prevent short term corrosion, specifically during transport between the mill and distribution centre.

    DuraGalUltra is a coating applied exclusively to our Profiles range of products and offers double the barrier against corrosion but still demonstrates the same processing capability end-users have grown to trust.

    The DuraGalClear surfaces are prepared with a non-chromate passivation treatment which is compatible with standard pre-treatments and subsequent powder coating.

    DuraPrimedTM primer paint for tubular steel products has been developed specifically to save you time and money without compromising quality. It’s unique anti-spatter formula reduces clean-up time dramatically; any spatter caused during the welding process is simply wiped off.

    DuraGalPlus is a smooth coating of zinc applied to both sides of Austube Mills steel products for superior protection.

    Austube Mills offers a unique dual grade section known as C450PLUS.

    Available in RHS, SHS and Silo Tube, C450PLUS complies with the requirements of both the commonly specified lower strength 350 grade and the structurally efficient higher strength 450 grade, providing a lower cost product to the specifier and end-user.

    C450PLUS products comply with the requirements of two AS/NZS 1163 steel grades – The higher Grade C350L0 elongation requirements and the higher C450L0 requirements for both yield and tensile strength.  Being fully compliant with AS/NZS 1163, C450PLUS products can be readily processed to Australian/New Zealand Standards and suit general, mechanical and structural fabrication processes, including welding and galvanizing.

    Austube Mills Lintels have been designed to provide long lasting support over windows and doors. In brickwork, the bricks, mortar and lintel combine to provide exceptional strength and load-carrying capacity. Given the importance of this load-bearing ability of a Lintel as a structural building component - strength and corrosion performance are key. Our DuraGalUltra zinc aluminium coated Lintels have a 250g/m2 minimum average coating mass. At three times the performance of regular zinc coatings, this equates to an equivalent service life expectancy of a 750g/m2 zinc coating.

    Available in Angles, Channels and Flats, the Austube Mills range of Profile sections feature the innovative DuraGalUltra in-line, hot-dip zinc aluminium surface protection coating.

    DuraGalUltra provides a surface finish that is smooth, clean, free from oil, mill scale, rust and dirt.  This makes the steel product ready to use, with no need to spend time and money on shot blasting, wire brush cleaning or priming after fabrication.

    Tubular or Hollow Structural Section (HSS) is amongst the most versatile and efficient of materials for modern day construction and mechanical applications. Many of our most resilient and impressive structures in the world have been constructed using HSS.

    At Austube Mills, we have been producing HSS for more than 70 years.

    Our range includes Circular Hollow Sections (CHS), Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) and Square Hollow Sections (SHS).

    Our Range Muchomenu Hover Content

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Hunter Manufacturer of the Year 2014

We won the prestigious award, as well as Excellence in Safety, at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards on 17 October.

Encasing 80 years of history

On 4 September we presented a time capsule and piece of our DuraGal product to the City of Newcastle as souvenirs of eight decades of quality steel manufacturing.

Don't leave your Codes of Practice at work

Austube Mills proudly releases our new video focusing on the importance of safety when you leave work, not just while you're on site. Watch the video here and tell us what you think via our Contact Us page.


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